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Terra cute… Hum ?

Terra Cute is an unlimited 2D world, where you can own characters, meet friends, communicate, design and play games while earning money ! In this unusual land populated by fascinating individuals, almost anything is conceivable...

How to play ?

All you need is a character to interact with. Then you may walk about in a vibrant, almost endless world. Each character (in the form of an NFT) is distinct and has their own set of amusing talents. Terra Animals, Terra Robots, Terra Ninja, Terra Sports, Terra Scary... are among the 32 character categories.

Play and Earn

Creativity and individuality are welcomed in Terra Cute ! Every week we have tons of awesome competitions for you to enter. From map designing to nft, to pixel art videos and short story comps - there are tons of cool things to get your artistic juices flowing and win $UST and $CUTE (native coin of Terra Cute) Feeling creative? Stay stunned for fun weekly competitions!



During 2022, Terra Cute will launch its own cryptocurrency (see the roadmap). Owning an NFT automatically makes you eligible for weekly airdrops.

[ON HOLD] Juicy

The Terra blockchain is known for Anchor protocol, which offers stable returns of 20%. Thanks to Terra Cute, you will be able to make your character work, to earn 25% APY on the UST, instead of 20%. We named this Dual Staking!


Each person holding at least 2 NFTs will be able to claim a physical version of one of his NFTs (your choice). Indeed, in 2022, Q2, the production of physical NFTs will start, and you will be able to order your NFT as a 10cm x 10cm 3D figure. How cool is that ?!


Each NFT is unique and has a very detailed animation. Moreover, all our NFTs have been handmade by our graphic designer and his team. Each line, each shape is unique, and not computer generated like most NFTs


At each drop, we hide a golden rabbit in the NFTs. Find the rabbit and win 50.000 UST. On top of that, you will receive a physical and 3D version of your NFT at home.




NFT stands for non-fungible token. An NFT is a unique piece of digital art stored in the blockchain that you own, sell or buy!

Unlike most projects, when you buy a Terra Cute NFT, you're not just buying a .GIF: you're buying access to passive income, the ability to have 25% APY on the "Anchor" protocol, and of course access to a unique game

Minting period will take place on https://randomearth.io/home, March 18, 9PM UTC−5 ! Follow us on twitter to get updated.

Terra Cute NFTs will be rolled out in 3 phases. The private sale (whitelist) will consist of 100 NFTs, priced at 1 LUNA per NFT. The second phase will be public, 1500 NFTs will be available at a price of 2 LUNA per NFT. Finally, the last phase will also be public, and 1500 NFTS will be released at a price of 5 LUNA per NFT.

Yes, we opened an exclusive whitelist of only 100 slots. The lucky ones will be able to acquire NFTs at the price of 1 $LUNA.

The Main Team


Master of Terra Cute

~ Long term thinker in a short term world


Pierre M.

Chief Website Developer

~ Scrum thinking is my philosophy



Chief Graphic Designer

~ The two guys at my left are high or what?





Retired eSport Manager


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NFT Promoter


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